Radio Scripts & Pre-recorded


Below you will find radio scripts and Pre-recorded audio of radio commercials for stations to use in creating localized radio spots.
*All "Radio Scipts" will be in .pdf format. All "Pre-recorded Audio" files will be .mp3 format.

CLICK the text to open the .PDF and then PRINT or SAVE to a location on your hard drive.
 on the audio link below and select SAVE LINK AS to download to a location of your choice on your computer.

  Accomplish LM Radio Script.pdf  

BlackLabel Zn Radio Script.pdf

  Riser Radio Script.pdf
2020 Riser Radio Scripts.pdf
Riser No Secrets_Riser No Secrets_mixdown.mp3
Riser Performance Advantage_Riser Performance Advantage.mp3
  Extract Fall Residue Radio Script.pdf  
  Levitate Radio Scripts.pdf  
  Lokomotive Radio Script.pdf  
  Blackmax22 Radio Script.pdf  
  N-Pact Radio Script.pdf  
  NutriSync Radio Script.pdf  
  Task Force 2 Radio Script.pdf  
  Radiate 10 second Radio.pdf
Radiate Campaign 30 Radio.pdf
Radiate Bigger Roots Radio Script 30.pdf
Radiate Bigger Roots Radio Script 60.pdf
Radiate Bigger Roots 30.mp3
Radiate Bigger Roots 60.mp3
Radiate Profitable Radio Script 30.pdf
Radiate Profitable 30.mp3
Radiate Success Radio Script 30.pdf
Radiate Success Radio Script 60.pdf
Radiate Success 30.mp3
  Titan XC Radio Script.pdf  
  Re-Nforce K Radio Script.pdf  

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